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Another way to think about your API

Abixen API raport
Some history

The analysis of the development of API management practices over the years indicates a tendency for decentralization, which transforms the traditional world of service-oriented architecture into a pure microservices with a large granularity, covering the whole life cycle of business functions with a clear cooperation framework. The integration is no longer the nemesis of the business transformation. It is supposed to do the job not only within the brackets of upper-level orchestration but also as choreography of the services’ network.

With a continuing growth of open APIs and a substantial increase of their key utility nature with a bi-directional consumption, the need for smaller and precise APIs became clearly visible at the IT development market. The consumerization of integration becomes reality.

What is the subject of the report?

We can honestly say that reading this report has the potential aiming at to implement new initiatives related to the management of API in the enterprise. Abixen Systems reveals an unconventional idea, the implementation of which in your organization will result in faster delivery of prototypes and ready-made IT solutions.

Who is this report for?

Above all, it is addressed to decision-makers in IT departments. The lightness of the language, without unnecessary technical concepts, allows to understand the issue of people in positions such as CTO, CIO, managers and team leaders. However, if you are a highly technical person, this report can also inspire you. However, do not expect technical analyzes at the classes or components level.

Why is it for free?

Perhaps you are asking yourself: why do we give away "our" ideas at no charge? The answer is very simple. We are convinced that if the content of the report answers 100% of your needs, you will come back to us in the future in order to implement IT initiatives in your company. So, the PDF that we will send you soon is a little encouragement showing how we can help.

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